A little too resistant

Maybe I’m a little too resistant this time

Being me and knowing how every love union ends 

Resistance should’ve been a basic instinct or some sort of reflex 

I mean everything starts at home 

I saw my parents fall in and out of love with one another 

Hell I want to love and more especially be loved 

But the apple fell too close to the tree

And the apple I’m referring to is me 

I was never taught how to love 

The only thing I knew how to do was ruining something good 

I be starring till it’s considered rude 

Now tell me about love at first site 

Hell I hate the feeling of uncertainty rooted deep inside of me 

So I don’t blame you 

Everyone wants a bit of assurance, then again I should’ve started every sentence with we

I can’t say I never wanted a life with you 

Cause I did

One with a house with picket fences all around and a Labrador named Syd

If I wasn’t a little too hesitant 

I guess there’s too much water under this bridge now

Where water once stood still 

And at the end of the day ? I just want to let you know how I kept it real

A letter to my girlfriend & my unborn child : We weren’t ready

Told you how I watered your garden and seeds of life

But you just wasn’t ready for a baby

Showed you how much I love you

But you just wasn’t ready to marry

I wish for, better yet see a future with you

Not just the wedding

I just want to take good care of you

And if anything breaks I’ll do the mending

But you just wasn’t ready for an innocent soul calling us mommy and daddy

Something about us not having enough confetti

So we just weren’t ready

Never ready to take you home

Save us a spot in heaven little one

And if God thinks we’re still worth it ?

You’ll see us maybe ..

Then our hearts will be light as feather

Never heavy

Knowing we did everything we could for you

You could’ve been something else

You could’ve been like your mom

Better yet we could’ve been the best of friends

But we just weren’t ready

Motel room no.2

For we live for drunken nights and wasted mornings.

Curtains closed, them shadows aroused

Dark as space this place we in

3 star service, but that ain’t the case

Cause you’ll always be my star

We’ve had our highs and lows I think you fucken know

But em skyscrapers help see far

The suite ? Ain’t nothing sweet about it

We’ve wreaked the place including the sheets

Throwing insults and bath salts across the room

Watch you get dressed up for the next argument

That’s when you’re really hot

Ironic how hope & our feelings died in the living room

With nothing on but your thong

Mrs Smith don’t fight the feeling

Right now I’m kneeling, talking to God asking for some healing

Cause we wrecked the place

Including one another’s feelings

Cuddled in a duvet in the corner

Champagne bottles leftover from the last time we celebrated

Persian rugs ain’t ever been this trippy

Never been at peace, I ain’t no hippie

Red lights symbolize the fury in you

It’s probably the tungsten, girl you so hazardous

Do not disturb sign on the door

I’ve always been about us

My funeral

When you finally realize how much I really loved you I’ll be long gone

To a place with no network connection & pizza

It’s called heaven

Too good to people, this time I might just settle for hell

You gave me a purpose, you gave me heaven on hell

You never loved me when I was still alive

But already dead on the inside

What are you doing at my funeral ?

You tryna see me lower, down into this dark pit

What are you doing at my funeral?

With roses in your hands & tears in your eyes

Cause you never realized real

Showing regret already ?


Too bad I can’t see it and tell you that I told you so

Always misunderstood

Do you get me ? Of course you can’t cause I’ll be long gone ..

South western township

Really want a South African experience ?

Come to the south western township ..

Really want to see resilience ?

Come to Soweto

Implemented to segregate black and white

A military hospital was built in 1941 by the British government which was called imperial military hospital, baragwanath

Ask the youth of 1967 about the recession

Like it never happened, check out Soweto’s beautiful sights

Of course people died for their sense of black pride

Chaiwelo, Mapetla, Zola, Mdeni

Topless kids with flies in their eyes, waiting for Their parents to come home from work

At train stations they waited

Ask the youth of 1967 about the 1986 state of emergency

4 years later on the 11th day of February Nelson Mandela was released ..

It’s safe to say Soweto saw our independence come

With the black local authorities act favoring black elected councilors

And Vilakazi avenue ?

The only street in the world where by two eminent leaders lived

Whilst the unimportant filled four roomed match box houses

Trevor Noah, Teko Modise and Richard Maponya

All the stars and business moguls hail from the place

And that’s Soweto

He man women hater

He man women hater

I hate the person I’m turning into

Now I take tablets with drugs I find hard pronouncing

“This he man women hater”

Last night I swore that I “Mzwandile still a member in good standing of the He-Man woman haters club, Do solemnly swear to be a He-Man and hate women and not play with them or talk to them unless I have to, and especially, never fall in love, and if I do may I die slowfully and painfully and suffer for hours, or until I scream bloody murder”

Love hurts, ask Courtney she killed Kurt

It is said that the mark of a real man, is a man who can allow himself to fall deeply in love with a woman.

But the reason why a man is often heartbroken, because a woman can become overcome by the reality that she has made a man out of a boy, because it’s just such an overwhelming process, a beautiful and powerful evolution.

Therefore, a man needs to fall in love with a woman who knows that men don’t happen every day, and when a man does happen, that’s a gift.

A gift not always given, and one that shouldn’t be thrown away so easily.

Therapeutic bummer

You only get 3 great women in your lifetime

They come like the best fighters

Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali & Bruce Lee

But with you I feel like I’ve got all 3 in 1

I’m still overwhelmed

The way I’m acting I might just end up with none

The only thing I knew well is wreaking something beautiful

Something about letting my emotions get the best of me

And when things don’t go my way you might just see the jerk in me

The most controlling sign, I now agree

But I’m a sucker for love, I love hard and passionately

Imma write shii on the socials but it’s the humor in the posts

I know it’s not funny

I know it’s stupid cause it might jeopardize a lot of beautiful notions

But you know I’m not all I claim to be on the socials

You know the real me & I might just have typed the post using nothing but my emotions

No fingers were used

Pinky promises ? We used to

And you asked “nou kwatile friday” ?

Even the little things can set me off

Now imagine what the bigger things can do to me

I should’ve ironed the problem out with you

Not hang it out to dry so that everyone else can see it too ..


Yesterday I cried when I confided in mom

She said don’t ever love someone more than they ever loved you

Out of the blue,

I thought of nothing but you

Yesterday I fell in love with someone

Do you ever feel weird

Sometimes I feel like I’m always on thee outside

It was fun whilst it lasted,

Yesterday I watched everything from across the room

Invisible lines I’m trying to cross just to be part of everything

Not so casual, like the rest

Destined to care so much about one person, it nearly killed me

It’s like you been avoiding me

You took a piece of me & left a void in me

Yesterday I had a woman

She just sells her cottage and takes off to parts unknown

My romantic life has passed its peak

Take me out to the pasture and shoot me

Yesterday I had to wish you well,

Knowing well I’d have to carry this L

On the past I might dwell.

Your earrings

Lost your earnings,

but they’ve always been apart

Like us,

Happiness has always been a stranger to us

Scared to see one another with someone else

Those earrings don’t match, they claimed!

Always thought opposites attract one another

But you fux with the norm, nothing like I projected

I could replace you if I wanted to

Earrings are really cheap, probably R50 my friends said

But these ones are priceless, I’ve come across many types

Those with the pearls, diamonds & the gold plated ones

But non of them seizes my attention

Borrow me an ear

What do I do with them when you’re gone

Do I still hold on to them ?

Tryna stand

My labyrinth was disturbed

Your earrings!

Papa’s love: The secret recipe

A lot of dads broke their daughter’s hearts before any other boy did

Now every female I come across either has daddy issues or the maintenance problems continue

Sometimes even going against her own values just to feed her baby, never forgetting her nephews

My beautiful but yet vulnerable sister “I might be too real for this shit” is what i tell myself

Buts its bigger than the both of us, whether its being supportive over her football match

Or being there for her when she needs a strong spiritual leader to lead her through some prayer

Yes she needs a life coach but most importantly a fan, a follower and a mascot too.

Fathers have been given a tremendous ability to influence the lives of their daughters, either positively or negatively

How a father treats his daughter will shape how she views herself and how she expects to be treated by other men for the rest of her life

With customs dating back to an era when a women was perceived as males property

“Papa’s little girl” I said as I gazed & walked her down the aisle to the young man who was about to be the most important male in her life

Even when she has a family of her own and everything’s working out okay, she’ll still be papa’s girl.