Motel room no.2

For we live for drunken nights and wasted mornings.

Curtains closed, them shadows aroused

Dark as space this place we in

3 star service, but that ain’t the case

Cause you’ll always be my star

We’ve had our highs and lows I think you fucken know

But em skyscrapers help see far

The suite ? Ain’t nothing sweet about it

We’ve wreaked the place including the sheets

Throwing insults and bath salts across the room

Watch you get dressed up for the next argument

That’s when you’re really hot

Ironic how hope & our feelings died in the living room

With nothing on but your thong

Mrs Smith don’t fight the feeling

Right now I’m kneeling, talking to God asking for some healing

Cause we wrecked the place

Including one another’s feelings

Cuddled in a duvet in the corner

Champagne bottles leftover from the last time we celebrated

Persian rugs ain’t ever been this trippy

Never been at peace, I ain’t no hippie

Red lights symbolize the fury in you

It’s probably the tungsten, girl you so hazardous

Do not disturb sign on the door

I’ve always been about us